Where to learn about the Inner driver test?


An inner driver test is done which can help you in assessing how strong all the five inner drivers are. These internal drivers are some sort of internalized commands which can easily trigger stress and drain energy. Giving an in a driver test on Transaktionsanalyse Will help you to understand the exact strength of your five drivers that can trigger your stress. Once you are done with the test, there are certain reflection questions that they have listed that you can start working on and see whether you want to deal with these inner drivers of yours more or not. In the inner drivers test that they conduct, there are 50 questions that they are going to ask you. And then you will rate yourself in each question on a scale of 1 to 5. Once you are done giving the ratings to yourself, you will instantly receive the assessment and you can see how strong the inner drivers of yours are or could be. However, these results are not final but they can still help you in assessing yourself a bit more. If you really want to work more on your inner drivers, then certainly you can take their online course and see how you can help make your inner drivers more strong.


What are the five inner drivers?

In transactional analysis, there are five Innere Antreiber on the basis of which a person can analyse how and when he or she can have a stress trigger. These are:

  • Be obliging
  • Give your best
  • Be strong
  • Be perfect
  • Hurry up

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