How Long Does It Take From The Start of Yoga Training to Become a Yoga Instructor?


The manner in which most yoga courses are structured involves the number of hours being displayed for you to check out. The problem with this is that some people fail to realize that these hours don’t include the hours in which you would be spending your free time and sleeping. Instead, if a course says that it offers five hundred hours, this only refers to the guided learning that it would make you take part in at this current point in time, and you would also need to set some time aside for practicing at home without a shadow of a doubt.

As a result of the fact that this is the case, a five hundred hour course from Marianne Wells Yoga School is likely not going to take a few weeks because you would not be able to take more than ten to fifteen hours of classes on a weekly basis. Hence, it would be much more reasonable to assume that the entirety of this course would likely take around six months at the very least, and it is a lot more likely that you would need an entire year to complete it.

Yoga is a discipline that was invented so long ago that we don’t even know a lot about its origin. Anything that is this detailed and complex would need at least a year to finish. You need to keep practicing if you want to fulfill the one year deadline because a lack of practice can make a five hundred hour course take up to two years so be ready to work really hard in and out of the classroom.

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