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The ubiquitous-ness of the internet has touched on all aspects of our lives, and most of all on the tangents of old mores that are withering away by the day. Education has played a part in it, of course. Still, the rapid proliferation of ideas on internet forums has pushed for a globalization of customs in a relatively short period.

Given that our pool of interaction these days is pretty expansive, and expanding still, like mindedness is beyond race and ethnicity, and hence – enters “Online Dating”. As surprising as it may be to find out, Fresh Escort online dating has been existent for nearly two neat decades! It all started in 1995 with a website named “” that helped people engage in a pleasant company for dating. Now, this was even before the browser Netscape had launched!

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What’s what of Internet Dating?

Online Dating was rarely a gamble and was bound to take off, especially since it solved a fundamental problem – the interaction frenzy. Not every man is a sensual suave who can work his way with the ladies, filling more than just a niche. It was less time consuming, offered more choices and ventured beyond immediate friend circle. It all starts with a quick setup of a profile, a listing of one’s interests, a profile picture and you’re good to go. To put its popularity into perspective, one of the most popular websites Tinder has 50 million users with nearly 12 million matches a day!

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