How You Can Get Your Ex Back


After a breakup, many people decide to move on, and start new relationships. However, it isn’t always like this for everyone. Maybe you made a mistake by breaking up with your Ed, and now you want them back in your life.

Getting your extra back is usually easy, but the real deal is actually keeping them with you after patching up. After all, why try and get someone back if you don’t plan on keeping them permanently?

In this article, we’ll teach you on how you can get your ex back, and how you can keep them permanently in your life. You can also read what to do to get an ex girlfriend back for more details.

Stop Contacting Them

Well, this might sound like counterintuitive, but stopping all forms of communication with your ex is an indication that you are ready to give them the spare time they deserve away from you. This empty time away from you will help them realize how much they love you.

You must cut off every type of communication with them, even on social media. Also, stop asking your mutual friends about your ex’s status and everyday routine, as this will make you look desperate.

You can use this time to reflect on your mistakes which caused the breakup over time. This will be a great opportunity for you to work on your mistakes, and to avoid them the next time you patch up with your ex. This no contact time should ideally be 30 days. You might even be able to see the results early on.

Stop Asking For Forgiveness

Asking for forgiveness gives the impression that you are desperate, and no one else except you ex will accept you. Desperation is unattractive, and can take your ex even farther away from you.

So, give them some time to think about you, they’ll automatically come back if they’re interested in you.

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