Life is changed, and lives are enriched through camp experiences.


With the support of caring adults at camp, children learn self-esteem and appreciation for their worth through experiential learning. Personal competencies are built as a result of these outcomes — self-identity, self-worth, self-esteem, leadership, and respect. A camp community reflects sam sand dunes desert safari jaisalmer these personal competencies by emphasising compassion, contribution, commitment, and character.

During their return home from camp, campers’ parents report that their children show greater care and understanding of giving, are more capable of standing up for what is right and are more capable of being responsible sam sand dunes desert safari jaisalmer. These qualities must be present to build a successful nation and a civil society.

Camps reduce children’s risk by encouraging intergenerational relationships, offering first-hand experiences, and having a sense of community. By fostering a supervised, positive environment where safety is a primary commitment, the camp helps children grow by providing a caring adult role model that makes them feel loved, capable and included.

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Through respect, honesty, caring, and sharing, we demonstrate the value of people, which results in the camp experience. Through the camp experience, young people gain a sense of the strength of humanity. In addition, they gain a better appreciation for the qualities necessary to safeguard fragile relationships.

ACA values the natural world. We seek and value what is real, genuine, and unartificial. We foster an understanding of the critical connection to the physical world and the importance of human connections to survival by seeking these qualities in people and the actual world. As campers, we know the need to protect the environment and one another. We intend to pass that legacy on to future generations.

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